I coach a limited number of post-collegiate runners to 5ks, marathons,  ultras, trail runs, and everything in between. With vast experience with runners of all abilities, and education in physiology and psychology, I can employ many ways to help you explore unique angles in your fitness journey and achieve your running goals.


To help you find FLOW, experience JOY, run FAST, and accomplish your goals.


We provide coaching for:

  • High school students in the offseason
  • First time runners/racers
  • Marathon (BQ’s, finishers, etc…)
  • Experienced racers
  • Ultra/Mountain runners


  • Training is individually designed with your history and new goals in mind.
  • Finding joy, passion, and fun through running is always the focus while pushing the limits of what you think you can do within the realities of daily life.
  • A focus on consistency, and adventure are always prioritized.


  1. Basic Training Plan:
    Initial phone consultation; 12-16-week personalized training plan.
    $150 one-time fee
  2. Personalized Training (3 Options):

The commuter plan

  • Initial phone or in-person consultation-
  • Weekly Communication, personalized adjustments and feedback ($100/Month*)

The Locals plan

  • All of Plan A.
  • In-person coached workouts (weekly), personal meetings ($150/month*)

Running Therapy

  • All of Plan A & B
  • Personalized Running integrated psychotherapy with a certified counselor. Mind-Body-Spirit integration focus. 
  • Please inquire about rates

*Discounts applied for 6 or 12 month up front purchase

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