Ever wanted to do a 5k, marathon, or just want to move? Maybe need to drop a few pounds? 

Maybe its time to get a coach….
As you all know, I have been in the running scene for quite some time and so this is a natural outflow of a passion of mine. 

Why Hire a Coach?

First and foremost, the most important role of the coach is to keep the athlete healthy.

Next, a coach should make sure you are finding joy doing it

A coach should see you through to athletic breakthroughs and improvement

A coach should keep you accountable and motivate and not only make you work harder than you ever have before, but also keep you from over-training so that you can reach your goals.  

A coach should push you to utilize your running to improve your life. 

With Psychofrunning coaching, Joshua Coon has 8 years of coaching experience and 20+ years of running experience including: Collegiate coaching, Team USA performers, Professional education. With this knowledge and experience, he can help answer any questions you may have on goal-setting, workouts, nutrition, motivation, stretching, ancillary work, and strength training advice. If he can’t he will find the answer! Hiring a coach also puts the pressure on you to do the work – which is a very important factor in achieving your goals & dreams.

What are the benefits to Endurance Coaching with Josh?

Personalized coaching based on your history weekly * Communication from the coach in regards to your training for that week * Accountability * Unlimited e-mails for questions relating to all aspects of your training. * Phone or in-person consultation if desired. * Monthly newsletter on training, nutrition, biomechanics, mental toughness, and many other aspects of reaching your potential in distance running.

What are the athlete’s responsibilities?

1. Following the training plan.2. Communicate! Inform of any injury, illnesses, or any other issues that may affect training. 3. Update the training log weekly. 

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